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An online yoga class can be as fun as going to a yoga studio. The teacher will arrange a nice background, set the ambiance with music, candles and a big smile to make everybody feel comfortable.

The yoga participant will put herself at ease, maybe keep the pyjama for the morning class and yawn if she feels doing so.

We are in our private world and therefore foremost need privacy. A big step towards a virtual yoga room offering complete privacy is a private plateform. Yoga 40 Plus opted for Mighty Networks. Find the advantages of an online yoga platform in this article and also how to handle the technical part. Or sign up straght away here:


What you get on our online yoga platform

Yoga 40 Plus moved all live classes from Facebook groups to the private and protected platform offered by Mighty Networks. Unlike Facebook, it is not free of charge, Yoga 40 Plus pays for its presence, and in return receives privacy for its members. No insight is possible from the outside. And we are not governed by any social media algorhythm. It’s kind of a virtual yoga room without windows, where we are protected from the outside world.


You first enter for free in a big room, called Network Yoga 40 Plus. There you meet other ladies interested by yoga, coming from all over Europe and USA. In this blue room (there is a blue ribbon on top), free trial live classes happen regularly. Also, you find posts and explanations about yoga, hormones and life.


Once you decide to go for regular practice, 30 minutes several times a week, and you are decided to subscribe for one month or more, you enter the red room (red ribbon on top), called Members Area. There you find all live classes (between 3 and 8 weekly) in English and German, the replays and general information about yoga, hormone yoga, seasonal information, travel photos and talks/messages within the community.

Virtual yoga classes

How to access

There are two ways leading the online yoga platform:

  • If you sign up for free classes, you receive an invitation link. It takes you to the platform and you can open an account within a minute or so: just insert your name and e-mail address (a picture would be nice but is not mandatory).
  • If an other user of the internet signs up directly (without having received a link), they have to reply to a few filtering questions while creating the account profile. Later, an admin person of Yoga 40 Plus has to give its approval.

You see, there’s no automatic access, an effort has to be provided before entering the platform. This avoids spam and insures that only persons genuinely interested by the topic are entering.

Online Yoga Platform on the go

Download Mighty Network as an app on your phone or tablet. Search for Yoga40Plus, log in and you can take the classes with you wherever you go! And share photos with us from wherever you are 🙂


Everyone gives the information about themselves they feel comfortable to give.

An option I like is to select “Near You” and the members will be filtered starting with the ones living nearest to you.


If you don’t want too many notifications/emails from the online yoga platform, proceed as follows:

> go to your profile picture on the platform and click on it, then
> go to Personal Settings, then
> Notifications and then
> Daily Digest

And you’ll get a maximum of one email a day. Sometimes none at all 😀 And you’re also welcome to post something yourself, e.g. a picture from the weekend, so that I also get emails which I wasn’t expecting :). If you post in the red room, only subscribed Members will see your post.


Go to “Events” on the left and you will find the upcoming classes. Click on “Zoom Meeting” and you will be taken directly to the Zoom class.

You also have the option to click on Going – Maybe – Not going and you will receive a notification half an hour before the event starts.

After the class, the recording will be available to catch up on the practice.


Trial classes are available for free, in the blue room of the free Network.

To enter the red room Members Area and enjoy the regular live classes, you’ve got two options:

  • 1 Month
  • Monthly Subscription with 1 week free trial class, which is renewed every month and can be cancelled at any time.

Paiement is by credit card. Hopefully Mighty Network will add more options soon. If you wish to pay by Paypal or bank transfer, drop an e-mail to


There are several topics like Yoga English, Yoga German, Wanderlust etc. Click on one of the topics and all posts and videos related to the topic will show up. 

Also, you can follow a topic to be informed when a new one is posted.


You can chat with the admin of the platform and also with all participants.

Furhtermore, you can like the posts and give comments.

For Yoga Teachers

The classes are conducted on Zoom. Dear yoga teachers, be careful to record the class. After class, please upload the video like a post in the corresponding area (blue/free or red/paid).

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