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Free trial class

Hot flashes? Control them with yoga

During the session

Discover your body

Where do hot flashes come from?

Move your body

How to practise hormone yoga?

Relax your mind

Activate relaxing energies

Hot flushes hormone yoga

After the session

Feel balanced and in good mood

Feel refreshed and energized

Feel feminine and wonderful

Hormone Yoga Dinah Rodrigues

Only 30 minutes

30-minute live session

Hormone Yoga Therapy as taught by Dinah Rodrigues

Dynamic session completed with anti-stress exercises. For beginners and advanced as well.

After each session, you’ll feel refreshed, happy and boosted.

And your spine, hips and shoulders will feel more flexible.

You learn

  • Where are the trigger points of hormone production?
  • Yoga poses focussing on the hotspots of hormone production
  • Breathing exercises enhancing hormone production and also improving your immune system
  • Visualisation techniques, directing your energies and giving you a deep relaxation
  • Anti-stress exercises
Hormone Yoga Dinah Rodrigues

What is hormone yoga?

Hormone yoga is a therapy consisting of poses, movements and breathing exercises with which you actively work on your organs and glands to reactivate the production of estrogen, your female hormones. Dinah Rodrigues, yoga teacher and Dr. of Phsycholog from Brazil developed this technique. She further endorsed the effectivity with studies made in collaboration with the university of Sao Paolo.

Who you will practise with

I was sweating when I needed it least (do we even need that?), waking up in the middle of the night AGAIN.

I had tried tablets, stopped after 3 months. Changed diet. None of it really solved the problem. Then I found what really changed my life. I would like to share that with you.

I made the training to become a certified teacher of hormone yoga as taught by Dinah Rodrigues.

Also, my life consists of travelling.

It all comes from your ovaries…

The ovaries are the factory of your feminine hormones, estrogen and progesterone. After your 28-day-cycle stops, the hormone balance tends to show a decline of estrogen, triggering menopause symptoms. Lifestyle and activation of other glands (like thyroid, adrenals) get important to keep hormone production going.

…and also from your mind

Your stress-level also impacts the production of hormones. A good hack to relieve menopause symptoms is a long holiday in the sun and on the beach!

Or join in hormone yoga with a trial class. We always end with relaxation exercises.

Learn how to activate your female hormones in a natural way

How to practise

Discovery classes conducted in English

The classes take place on a private and protected platform. You get free access to:

-> 3 videos that build on each other and introduce you to the practice of Hormone Yoga.

-> Information on hormone yoga benefits

Price: free trial class

You will also receive updates on courses and retreats and can unsubscribe at any time.

What you get

  • You receive a file with a 30-minute hormone yoga sequence you can practice at home
  • You practice the poses and anti-stress-exercises during the session
  • You learn for each pose the benefits for your hormonal system
  • You get access to the video replay of the session

Who is hormone yoga for?

For every woman from the age of 35 wishing to activate the hormone production to prevent Menopausal symptoms or releave them.

The practise has also shown to reduce the chance of later ailments like Osteoporosis or the chance for cardio-vascular diseases.

In younger women hormone yoga helps to improve fertility and to remove premenstrual symptoms.

Over time the practice has also shown to be beneficial for most other hormonal imbalances, like Thyroid Dysfunctions, Diabetes Type 1 & 2 or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

Benefits of hormone yoga

For your body

Activates glands to produce hormones

Activates and tones abdomen and pelvic area

Improves digestion and metabolism

Improves flexibility and strengthens muscles and bones

For your nervous system

Harmonises the nervous system

Provides general relaxation

Improves self-perception and awareness

By practising hormone yoga 30 minutes 3 to 4 times a week, menopause symptoms like hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings can be reduced or disappear.

You should not practise hormone yoga…

  • During menstruation it is advised to not practice the Bellows breathing and some of the dynamic movements
  • In cases in which your levels of estrogen should not increase, e.g. severe endometriosis, fibroids/myoma or breast cancer
  • After a surgery
  • During pregnancy
  • In case of hyperthyoroidism or high blood pressure, let the yoga teacher know and some poses will be adapted.

      What you get

      Motivation to take action!

      You will also receive a PDF file with the complete Hormone Yoga Therapy sequence, as well as the live online session in which you practice the postures, breathing and anti-stress exercises.

      And you’ll learn about the benefits of each pose and how they affect hormone production.

      Your ovaries will be dancing!

      13th October 2022 free class
      Conducted in English

      18:30 – 19:00 CET / 5.30 – 6.00 pm UK time

      Take action now

      Free trial class

      You will also receive updates on courses and retreats and can unsubscribe at any time.

      “I’ve never done yoga!”

      You are guided step by step through gentle Yoga flow sequences, designed for beginners and intermediate level. Also you receive PDF files explaining the postures and replays to practice at your own pace.

      Hot flushes completely disappeared

      My hot flushes have completely disappeared after a few months of hormone yoga and I also sleep better.

      I feel wonderfully warmed up (uplifted) and refreshed at the same time after the morning hormone lesson with you! And that, although I never used to be a morning exercise person. I love your Yoga for Menopause – in a snappy and compact time frame, which can be well integrated into the morning routine with subsequent professional start of work and other diverse family and household tasks, thus creating a soothing island for the mind and body.
      Thanks for this!

      Angelika, Germany

      Proud of the things my body still can do

      “After the yoga class I feel relieved, proud of the things my body still can do, which many of the younger people can’t do. I could be doing yoga by myself, just listening to a tape. But knowing that there are other women, it creates a collective feeling of community. I think it’s important in these times where we can’t see each other.

      A few weeks ago, I had sciatica, and if it wasn’t for the yoga, I don’t know what I would have done. Miliza adapted the program to my needs and it allowed me to extend the muscles and to find relief. Yoga also becomes a spiritual journey with reflection and meditation. Yoga also becomes a spiritual journey with reflection and meditation”.

      Martha, Netherlands

      Thought would be too difficult for me

      “I enjoyed, among other things, especially how you made the shifts from one asana to another in a very “natural” way. I enjoyed the course all together a lot. This seems the gentle way to come back to yoga, which I already thought would be too difficult to me.”

      Tanja, Finland

      First time yoga, love it!

      “The online live classes gave me time for myself (even my baby respected these moments), improved my well-being in terms of flexibility and a lot of relaxation for the all body, mentally, physically and emotionally.

      Being my first time to do yoga, it was a great experience and loved itl”.

      Annet, Finland

      “I’ve never done online class!”

      Most of these participants have never done online yoga before. We are all discovering this new way of functioning together. It’s based on mutual trust. Any recordings show only the teacher’s practice.

      Strengthened body, energized spirit and happy mind!

      The course has given a combination of energy, fun, relief, exercise, company, both physical and mental strength in these times of Corona confinement, but is suitable for everyday practice all the year round. Thanks a lot Miliza!

      The asanas bring the tensed muscles both strength and relief. The breathing exercises open up the chest so the oxygen flows in the whole body. The relaxed atmosphere helps to be able to let go of the everyday stress surrounding us. It made me each morning to wake up and already be waiting for the yoga, like a child waits for Santa :).

      Mia, France

      “No time!”

      It’s for 30 minutes. In case you miss a live class, there is a replay for your private practice.

      Connection to others via live Zoom!

      “I could schedule in the course every day as the duration is just about 30 minutes. It created a kind of routine within my day which is good in special times like these we are facing at the moment.

      I like to be connected with others via the live option of zoom – that gives the yoga session a special touch. II’m not such a fan of recorded sessions, so for me that is so much more interesting and I appreciated the friendly guidance from Miliza”.

      Carmen, Austria

      Resumption of yoga practise

      Participating in this proposal Yoga for your Back, was a significant decision for me. Miliza took an excellent approach to my resumption of yoga practice. She chose the movements very well and had an excellent pace for online practices, making it possible to understand and follow 100% of the class. During the course, we remained focused on breathing all the time, guided by Miliza, which made the movements more effective and kept us in the here and now.

      As a result, I felt more ready for the day and reduced back pain; I was feeling mainly in the neck area. The most important thing is that I feel like continuing to practice and take care of my body and soul. Thank you Miliza, you gave me a gift.

      Kelly, Luxembourg

      “I don’t have yoga equipment!”

      Comfortable cloths and a clean, non-slippery surface are sufficient for home practice. You might want to add a folded blanket for your knees. The yoga classes are planned without any particular props (other than a cushion).

      Not boring and still can follow

      Hi Miliza, ok for me, nice, I liked the yoga session from yesterday, so that is ok for me, but in fact I like them all, they are challenging and I love it.

      I followed other session and sometimes they were boring but your sessions are not, so thanks for that and see you tomorrow,

      Kind Regards and have a nice day,
      Greet, Belgium


      Miliza Ceh

      Miliza is yoga teacher (YTT200 Integral Yoga). She is also certified in Svastha Yoga Therapy for lower back and shoulders, and certified for Hormone Yoga Therapy by Dinah Rodrigues. She is living in Switzerland, Slovenia and other sunny places. With her program Yoga for your Back, based on Svastha Yoga Therapy, she guides her students through gentle but powerful sequences to strengthen their back and core muscles, find flexibility and widen their range of motion. With hormone yoga she accompanies women on their way to find relief of menopause symptoms. The classes are fast paced and close with sometimes surprising, sometimes fairy-taily anti-stress-exercises.