12 Pictures of 12th June 2022 Yoga Retreat in Ticino

It is an old bloggers tradition to take 12 photos on the 12th of a month. Lucky me, on 12th of June 2022 I made an exploration of a venue for a Yoga Retreat in Ticino.

Have a look at the pictures and let me know (in comments or to info@yoga40plus.com) if you would enjoy being part of a yoga retreat in this setting.

Start slowly

Breakfast on the balcony makes a good start into Sunday! Then hop on the train along Lago di Lugano.

Trogir Croatia

Up the hill

The last part is done with the Postauto. The yellow buses take you, together with the mail, everywhere in Switzerland, might it be the smallest village hidden at the end of a mountain valley.

The trip is not that far today, close to Cugnasco, still enough to open the view over the valley. The last few hundred meters are walking back down and soon….  have a look at this house inmidst of a vineyard!

Tessin Panorama aus Postauto
Weinreben im Tessin

View from the livingroom

After the walk in the sun, a walk over the fresh white tiling in the house is welcome. And of course I stay amazed at the livingroom’s windows to south-west and Lago Maggiore. Who wouldn’t?

Ticino Panoroama aus dem Wohnzimmer

Yoga Retreat all around the house

Which terrasse will be our favourite for yoga practise: the one to south-west (in front of the living room), the one to south facing Monte Tamaro or the one north?

Probably, depending on day-time and season, we’ll be happy to rotate.

Tessin Panorama
Tessin Palme Yoga Retreat

Kiwi, Fig and Yoga Retreat

A walk down in the vineyard, what a nice surprise: kiwi and fig trees! There’s also a small hut down here, perfect for meditation or as a personal retreat place any time of the day and year.

Tessin Kiwi

The best is yet to come

One upon a time, there was a house changing owners and their destiny.

Franziska and Paul put all their commitment and love into a charming venue with two apartments overlooking the vineyards, Lago Maggiore and Magadino valley, reaching from Bellinzona to Locarno. Their dream is coming true with a place where many people can feel comfortable, enjoy relaxing and personal development.

Miliza loves organizing Yoga Retreats for beginners and advanced, connecting people from all horizons and from all over the world.

It is the start of a new story. Do you want to be part of it? The first yoga retreat with discovery of surroundings is planned for end  August 2022. For more details write to info@yoga40plus.com You also can rent one of the two flats or the whole building, as long as they’re available.

Tessin Yoga Retreat Organisation
Tessin Haus zu vermieten

On the way home

We made plans till late evening, how to give best comfort to guests and allow them to take the most back home from the energy in beautiful Ticino.

My way back home was late, I was tired but still light steps made me fly up the hill, what a wonderful Sunday!

Balerna Ticino