Mantras are melodic phrases, sometimes only a word or two, chanted on a monotone voice and repeated typically 108 times, which can be reduced to 54 or 27 times. The sound creates a reverberation, which helps the body and mind to be calm. Mantras are part of various cultures, namely Hinduism and Buddhism, with spiritual interpretations, and often go with particular intentions such as overcoming obstacles, letting go, seeding…

The chanting of mantras can be a journey to meditation, or a state of meditation by itself, as you deepen the relaxation, open your heart and connect with your own and personal spirituality.


What are the benefits of Mantras?

The chanting of Mantras quiets the mind and the flows in our body, helps for concentration and finding one’s way to meditation.

The syllables of Mantras produce different energies and thus are carefully selected for different situations like: full moon, new moon, for starting or ending a yoga class, for starting a new phase in your life or ending a personal situation, for healing the body, healing the suffering mind…


What is the meaning of the Mantras?

You don’t necessarily need to know the meaning of a Mantra. It is not about the etymological meaning of the words, says Emilie Mangoni, a long-time Mantra practitioner and guide (follow her on FB), it is about vibration, intention and of course – trust to the guiding person.


How to practice chanting of Mantras?

To start, you will do it within a group or with an experienced guide. You receive the wording and pronunciation and set an intention according to the choice of the mantra. The guiding person starts chanting and you launch into whenever you feel doing so. You can chant it out loud or just in your mind, what makes you feel better – both have the same effect.

Mantras are sometimes combined with yoga, it can be performing movements during chanting, or it can be a deep relaxation and entering into meditation after a yoga class.

In our program Yoga & Mantra in September 2020 we made the choice of starting the class with yoga and ending with chanting a mantra.

From Christmas to New Year 2020, entire sessions are dedicated to Mantra, in others Emilie combines Yoga asanas & Mantra simultaneously. 

Mantra chanted by Emilie Mangoni

Om Namo Bagavathe Vasudevaya

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