What is Moon Salutation in Yoga and how to practice?

Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) – you have heard about it, even if you’re not an inveterate yogi. It is a yoga sequence often practised at the beginning of a yoga class, or alone, for its warming up properties. It is considered conveying yang, the masculine energy.

Moon Salutation (Chandra Namaskar) is its yin pendant, with feminine characteristics, a yoga sequence calming and cooling mind and bringing balance to the body.

The Moon Salutation flow designs a circle. It includes 9 main yoga poses for half of the circle and repeats the asanas on the other side.

When to practice Moon Salutation?

Practising Moon Salutation is most beneficial at the end of the day, to enjoy the cooling down properties, particularly in the evenings preceding or following New Moon and Full Moon nights.

Before beginning connect to your breath and you can set an intention:

Full Moon nights are propitious to purge old energies, get rid of thought patterns, replace any negativity or darkness with the bright Full Moon energy. Set the intention of what you want to let go.

New Moon nights are favorable to seed, to set intentions for new projects, new life.

How to practice Moon Salutation

From standing position face the long side of the yoga mat and first connect to your breath. Then slowly and deeply go into each pose, holding the pose for 2 to 6 breaths or longer.

Start with bending to your right side (clockwise), from pose 1 to 9, then complete the circle by practising pose 9 to 1 to the left side.

Hold for a few breaths in Mountain pose before going into the circle starting to your left side.


1 Upward Salute

2 Side Bend

5 Triangle

7 Crescent Lunge

8 Squat One Leg

9 Garland


Benefits of Moon Salutation

For being researching and doing yoga poses for back-pain on a nearly daily basis, I can assure you: The poses of Moon Salutation flow are honey for your lower back – if practised correctly.

  • lower back muscles are expanded
  • chest and shoulders are opened
  • hips are kept strong
  • legs and feet are strengthened

What means “correctly”? Engage core muscles, lengthen the spine, being aligned. For detailed instructions get the free video below. 

The sequence furthermore benefits women during their cycle days and women undergoing menopause, as it:

  • tones the body
  • stimulates reproductive organs
  • balances hormones

In summary, Moon Salutation is beneficial for your whole body: neck, shoulders, chest, tummy, lumbar spine, hips, and legs.

Try it out now!

With this 13-minute video you are guided step-by-step through the Moon Salutation.

Moon Salutation

Free 13-minute video

This 13-minute video is free for you. You are guided step-by-step through the Moon Salutation flow, holding each pose for around 2 breaths.

You receive in addition a PDF detailing the poses.

And last but not least: You get to know me. Because a Yoga class is also about human connection.

Yoga for your Back

Yoga for your Back

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