Hormone yoga to find your (inner) balance

What is hormone yoga?

Hormones are like the ocean, they go up and down. They drag you along, whether you like it or not. So better to know how to balance them out.

Yoga maintains the health of body and mind and prevents sickness.

Hormone yoga therapy is focussing on one particular misfunctioning, aiming to fix it and helping to restore hormone balance.

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For whom is hormone yoga?

We are talking here about hormone yoga therapy for menopause. The same practice also applies for ladies suffering from irregular periods or infertility or other typically feminine worries (no, it doesn’t fight against an impossible husband, sorry ladies).

Counter indications for hormone yoga

  • If your estrogen level should not be increased, e.g. in case of breast cancer or severe endometriosis. Talk to your physician and explain that hormone yoga therapy goes with intense belly-movements and usually increases estrogen level.
  • Hormone yoga is not indicated in case of thyroid hyperfunction.
  • Do not practice during your periods
  • Do not practice if you’re pregnant

What is hormone balance?

Hormones are produced in various hotspots of your body, called glands and also in the ovaries and testicles. These chemical substances travel with the blood stream and control how cells and organs do their job. A hormone imbalance means there are too many or too little of a certain hormone in your system.

Talking about hormone balance for women, the focus goes to estrogen and progesterone. They are the female hormones mainly generated in the ovaries.

The hormone balance over 50 tends to show a decline of estrogen, triggering menopause symptoms like hot flashes, sleeping disorders and so on. Sometimes hormones are out of balance at a much younger age, and can lead to irregular period, early perimenopause and all symptoms connected to menopause and even infertility.

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How does hormone production work?

There are three mechanisms stimulating your ovaries to produce estrogen:

  • Hormonal stimuli: The thyroid gland and hypothalamus release other hormones to activate the ovaries.
  • Humoral stimuli: The ovaries release hormone in response to activity in extracellular fluids such as blood.
  • Neural stimuli: Stimulation of the ovaries by the nervous system.

What helps to balance hormones?

First of all: go to see your gynecologist and make a test to determine your estrogen level. To support hormone balance, your physician can prescribe you vitamins and minerals or even  intake of hormones. The later goes with risks, which we won’t detail here.

Among natural hormone balance remedies you find regular (and moderate!) exercise, a healthy diet, enough sleep, a positive life attitude and of course hormonal yoga, which acts on all 3 mechanisms mentioned above.

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Benefits of yoga for hormones

To balance hormones through yoga in menopause, but also to fight infertility, irregular period or other symptoms, the exercises are boosting the glands and organs producing estrogen. But not only, the effects are various:

Physical benefits like in traditional yoga

  • Strengthening muscles and bones, your posture, increasing flexibility and range of motion, modelling body

Particular benefits for menopause symptoms

  • Hormone yoga increases estrogen and progesteron level in the woman’s body
    • Relieving menopause symptoms
    • Preventing diseases caused by decline of hormone production
  • Yoga for menopause improves the functioning of the whole system
  • The organs producing hormones are revitalised

Psychological effect of hormone yoga

  • Hormone balance yoga combats stress,
  • fights against depressions and sleeping disorders and other problems related to menopause,
  • increases vitality and general well-being

Summing up, yoga hormone therapy is a rejuvenating technique, aiming to reactivate the production of female hormones through revitalising exercises.

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Hormone yoga poses

For more effective and fast results, compared to traditional yoga, hormone yoga exercises focus on the areas where estrogen is produced and are based on 3 pillars:

  1. Hormone yoga poses are practiced in a dynamic way, meaning there’s a lot of movement. And also fun!
  2. The poses go along with special breathing exercises activating an inner massage, mainly in the belly area. It’s getting hot hot!
  3. The mind is also involved and orients the energy to the ovaries and the glands which are the production center of the hormone balance. Because success is also about mindset, isn’t it?

Hormone yoga example

Child pose with leg stretched out

Sit on your heels, come into Child pose with the hands stretched out and head on floor. Option: place your head on top of both hands in front of you.

Stretch out the left leg behind, come with your belly on the right leg.

Go for 7 bellows breathing, relax and repeat 2 more times. Change leg. 

Bellows breathing

This breathing technique activates the energy. In combination with a yoga pose, it will also give a massage to inner organs. Inhalation and exhalation occur intensely, with exhalation being even more forceful.

The characteristic feature is the movement of the belly button during exhalation in the direction of the spine.

Sit with your spine erect, hands on your knees. Inhale and exhale quickly through your nose, moving the navel outward (with inhale) and inward (with exhale) without moving the upper part of the body.

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Wrap up

Hormone yoga is a therapy, aiming to reactivate the production of estrogen. To do so, the poses, movements and breathing exercises actively work on your organs. Hormone yoga is not a stroll on the beach!

If you invest 30 minutes 5 times a week, you can expect your estrogen level to raise for about 250% after 4 months. The menopause symptoms will diminish or even disappear.

The effect depens of course on the frequence and length of your praxis. But in any case results will show up, even after your first month.


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