What does abundance in life mean?

When do you feel fullness in life, my friend Franziska Keller asked me. I first had to take a very slow inhale and exhale… what did she mean by that? Is abundance when you happen to have so much of the good stuff that the barrel soon overflows with fruity wine, a golden donkey grazes behind the house and a prince makes your every wish come true?

Then she explained. Abundance is not for the privileged few. Abundance is an entitlement that all people have: to feel rich, healthy, happy, respected, intelligent, carefree, sexy and so on.

Abundance is a feeling that makes us happy, that gives meaning to our lives. I felt it when I bought the ticket to Bali. Not only because I could afford it, but also because it took me out of the feeling of longing and lack.

What abundance in life means and how to achieve it, I tell in this article.

What does abundance in life feel like?

If you listen to yourself a bit, you will (hopefully!) find fulfilling feelings that are right for you, here and now. Quite automatically, other feelings of abundance are put on the back burner and one does not even dare to hope for them to be filled. For example, a financial analyst or IT engineer will certainly feel abundance in recognition, be it for professional skill or financially. However, it may be that he would never allow himself fullness in creativity or communication. A woman who has dedicated her life to being a mother will hardly allow herself to think that she could successfully master a new career start.

Of course, it is not the person’s inability to achieve anything that is to blame, but their limiting beliefs.

These must be overcome.

And then look inside yourself. Seeing yourself as a little child, as it were, when everything was still possible. When we still dared to dream. When we felt all-powerful and the opinion of others was irrelevant to us.

It’s not too complicated, dixit my friend.

For the fullness that we would wish for in the distance, at best, already exists now, around me. I just have to allow it to enter. I must welcome it, that is, carry it within me and live with it.

When do I feel abundance in life?

To fully appreciate happiness, one must have experienced sadness. Yin and Yang. Without lack there is no abundance, I dare say.

My circumstances revealed that I was facing a period of unwanted being alone. I faced emptiness and loneliness in the middle of the grey and freezing winter. A vision was needed, not only to bridge this period, it had to be meaningful, fun, filling me with joy.

Bali has been in my heart for years, ever since I first visited in January 2019. For me, going there again was an almost unattainable dream, but now the universe blinked at me and the ticket is booked for a month in Bali.

I am so happy!!! It is a true moment of fullness to have booked this flight. I am privileged to be able to spend a month in Bali! No, I have been living with the vision of Bali inside me all these years, and now it is becoming a reality.

I also feel fullness when I lead a yoga retreat, have happy people around me, like those in Chiang Mai or on Fuerteventura. Or spending a nice day with my loved one.

But actually my friend had something else in mind: the abundance that we don’t dare approach. The first million euros or francs. Fully booked courses. An utterly fulfilling love.

Abundance in life VS Emptiness and loneliness

Pictures: Bali, Indonesia

Abundance Bali

How to achieve more abundance in life?

Maybe you are already living in abundance on all levels of your life, then you really belong to the privileged ones: professionally, financially, love, family, free time, spirituality, health, creativity… However, most people feel a lack on one or more of these levels: Loneliness, failure at work or with family, financial problems, stress. It is like a wheel that runs, but in some places is not round, but has a hole and thus runs bumpily.

These holes need to be filled. I recommend three steps to achieve abundance in life:

  1. You must first make room for abundance in your life so that it can become concrete. You have to want it, i.e. you have to have a Vision of what you want to achieve.
  2. You transform this vision into Manifestation, i.e. you live with the vision within you as if you had already achieved everything, quite consciously towards a certain goal. If you devote all your energy to this vision with love and kindness, the Universe will help you to realise it – and so will your fellow human beings. Of course, you put all your energy into getting into Implementation step by step.
  3. When the time comes, you have to recognise and accept the manna and live consciously with it. Don’t forget to celebrate every little success, i.e. to show your gratitude to the universe.

Examples of abundance in life

Financial success

Money needs a purpose, said another almost-friend, online business coach Sigrun. In other words, financial wealth is not a vision in itself. You have to imagine the lifestyle you are going to lead, you have to imagine the house you are going to buy (and not just “want”), make a drawing of it, plan the world trip, which countries you are going to visit and in which months.

If you pursue a very specific goal, a desire that you absolutely want to fulfil and also set the time frame for it, you create a good ground for financial success.

Fulfilling love

You’ve been single for a long time and you have your habits. But actually you would rather share life with a partner. For the vision, decide that you will find a partner and also draw the characteristics of your prince charming: humorous, reliable, loves to travel, is spiritual, financially secure….

Now make room in your life for a second person (manifestation): Make sure you have time for her, make your bed for two, feel the radiant happiness of love and only then set out among the people.

For a fulfilled partnership, you also need a vision of exactly what this should look like in everyday life. What do you want to share with him/her and not share? What activities, how much time? For life as a couple, it is even more important to know what you yourself want, because you are supposed to live this abundance as a couple and must be able to discuss and agree on it. To do this, you need to know in advance how exactly you envisage life as a couple to be fulfilling for you.

If you want to work with a coach for a successful love life, I recommend another friend, Sandy Kaufmann. She offers group and individual coaching to help you get clear about what you want your partnership to look like and the tools to make it happen.

Good health

At some point I decided that I had had enough of the eternal back pain after long days in the office and also wanted to lose a few kilos. That was the vision.

The manifestation was not easy, because I could no longer imagine life without back pain. Most people who work in an office suffer from this, don’t they? And also have a couple of kilos too much. But I really wanted to achieve my goal and for the first few months I hired a coach at a fitness centre. He motivated me, taught me a lot about posture, exercise, nutrition and I enjoyed the training.

I then switched to group classes and found yoga that way. Bye bye back pain, for years now, I have been happy with my weight for years as well. As the whole process took place with love, kindness and gratitude, a new vision followed and I am now a yoga teacher.

Abundance Bali
Abundance Bali


No plan, no abundance. You see, the basis is always a vision of what you want to achieve in order to get out of the feeling of lack. The subsequent manifestation and implementation must be fun, done with love, and suddenly you receive help and support from all sorts of directions, from which you often would not have expected it at all.

A coach who helps you to create the vision and then stay motivated to manifest and implement it is a good help. This can be a coach for business, personal development, for love or, as in our case, for yoga.

That’s why it’s important for me that hormone yoga is fun and we always bring in new elements. This is the only way to keep the motivation to practise for 30 minutes 3 times a week and live up to our vision of happy menopause.