Yoga Outfit: Love at First Sight or by Reason?

It was love at first sight, yes! So, we carefully went into the relationship, not knowing if it would last. After all, you can get tired if it’s too fancy and too colourful.

As time passed, I realised that it was a perfect match: my favorite yoga outfit respects my needs and my limits as a woman over 50. Needs I even didn’t know about, before having this top. And as time passes further, and we’re still together, I remark how exceptional this piece of clothing is.

Here is the ultimate guide for choosing a yoga top or yoga outfit if you’re a woman 50+ and you practice yoga. Careful: you might want one! Problem: you’ll see at the end…

Yoga Outfit back side view

First photo shooting in Garajau, Madeira island, 2019

1 The Ideal Yoga Outfit Sticks to the Body

It stays with you in every move. In yoga you find yourself often upside down in inversion poses: the lower part of your body is placed higher than the upper part. With a normal t-shirt you’re good for 3-leg dog because you need one hand to pull back your shirt. Not to speak about a headstand where the curtain falls down and blacks you out.

2 A Yoga Top is Long Enough

The most common body movements in yoga are extension and flexion. Extension means lengthening the spine, you literally grow. Having an outfit that grows with the pose without exposing parts you don’t want to expose is the base for building trust with the clothes you wear, which is your partner in yoga.

3 Quality Material

The yoga outfit must adapt and resist to all bends and twists of poses and also absorb sweating. It gives you room to breath while providing enough support for your next inversion. The yoga shirt will be washed very often. Here again quality is key for a long-lasting relationship. The fabric provides a nice feel and touch on the skin, supports around the waist, without compressing the chest. The perfect yoga outfit is your second skin.

4 Design and Colour

Practising yoga on a regular basis can help you find self-love, makes happy. The yoga outfit should enhance this effect, highlight your personality, your feminity, elevate your mood through its colours and pattern.

As soon as it comes to collections made also for bigger sizes, the colour palette orbits around black, white and beige. For eco-friendly production giving in on toxic colours might be acceptable. Honestly, this is rarely the case, so why are we offered yoga outfits in unicolored pieces of a funeral sadness on one hand and fleshy and garish tops on the other hand? A yoga outfit can also be a flattering coverage you want to keep before and after class, which makes you feel good and happy.

Shopping Impossible

You now know my 4 criteria for selecting a yoga outfit. I would add a 5th one: The sizing is big enough. I have done many boutiques over the past 12 months… well, any open shop I could catch up with… sometimes could satisfy criteria 1 and 2 (I now have two dark blue shirts of pyjama quality), but never reached criteria 3 or even 4.

I also checked online, of course. Here I could find criteria 3 and 4, but 1 and 2 simultaneously are  difficult and finding all 4 united would be the incarnation of the Prince Charming.

Being a slim and sexy princess seems to be a prerequisite for the yoga outfitting business showcasing tops which are often not more than a bra. The offer continues with “tanks” stopping at the hips (before you raise into extension) and then goes more or less seamless over to an evil-stepmother-look with long sleeve shirts and jumpers.

What’s next?

Well, I’m working on it. I can’t plan a robbing, as there’s no place worth to be robbed. I don’t plan to draw and sew it myself.

Launch the production of yoga outfits for women over fifty? If you’ve got an idea where to start, let me know.

Or maybe you know a place where my shopping heart would accelerate facing a crowd of matches? Let me know: comment down here, drop me an e-mail to, call me any time!

Meanwhile, I stick to my unique and beloved one.


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