How to travel to Slovenia

By Plane

Slovenia’s airport is 25 km out of the capital Ljubljana. For your flight research you write “Ljubljana” (the full name would be Letališče Jožeta Pučnika Ljubljana, but even the locals don’t try to memorize this name).

We are at Triglav Apartments 63 km north-west from the airport, around 1h drive. Best option is to rent a car at the airport, there are several shops around. Or you take a bus to Bled (hourly from 9:00 to 18:00), there you change for Ribčev Laz (every 2 hours till 22:00). In any case let us know, and we will help you with these last kilometers.

By Train/Bus

A comfy option is to put your car on the train in Feldkirch, Austria on the border to Switzerland, (around 22:00), sleep in the train and wake up next morning in Ljubljana, with a breakfast served at your bed.

Other comfy options are night trains with Couchette and Wagon lits from Zurich and Munich.

If you come with the night train from the North, leave in Jesenice and take the local train to Bohinjska Bistrica.

If you arrive to Ljubljana, take a bus to Bled and Bohinjska Bistrica (the main train and bus station are on one place). There we pick you up.

By Car

Slovenia can easily be reached by car and there is a good network of motorways. Some travel distances: Ljubljana is 400 km from Munich, 700 km from Zurich, 1.000 km from Geneva and Berlin and 1.240 km from Amsterdam.


Some itineraries to Ljubljana in July 2020

Direct Flights – around 2 hours



Train 14 – 22 h

Car 13 h


Brussels Airlines

Train 19 h

Car 13 h


Air France

Train 16 h

Car 14 h

Flights via Frankfurt – around 4 to 5 hours



Train 12 h

Car 12 h



Train 16h

Car 9 – 10h



Train 12 h

Car 8 h

Car on night train 12h

The last kilometers

From Ljubljana or Ljubljana aiport you reach lake Bohinj within 1 or 2 hours, depending on your travel option, whether by train, by bus or by car (let us know and we will pick you up).

Corona Update

Slovenia became the first European country to declare the coronavirus pandemic under control. Before quarantine measures were lifted on May 15, the country had limited cases. Bohinj area is Corona-free, so far.

Find here the latest Updates by Slovenian Government


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