What you never dared to ask me

Fun Facts you never dared to ask me and maybe don’t want to know: from my birthplace to my favourite mojito flavour. Facts which are NOT about yoga or yoga online classes or yoga retreats – or only a little bit :).

  1. I was born in a country which doesn’t exist any more: Yugoslavia. Today I have 3 nationalities: Slovenian, Swiss and French.
  2. I consider having 3 “mother tongues”: Slovenian, German and French (but only 1 mother, don’t worry)
  3. I have been living and working 10 years in Thailand, for a real estate project
  4. My shoe size is 41, nearly impossible to buy shoes in Thailand
  5. Let’s go for a life in flip-flop! I love them.
  6. I love dancing Salsa
  7. I love Mojito, the original one, with a lot of mint (no other flavour mixed in)
  8. Gewürztraminer always makes extraordinary moments (on the banner photo is rather Vinho Verde, another kind of delicious moment)
  9. My best solo hikes: Anapurna in Nepal, Mt. Rinjani on Lombok island, Indonesia, and the Pinnacles on Borneo island, Malaysia.
  10. My favourite island: Koh Phayam in Thailand. The island is without cars, you walk or take a motorbike
  11. The most stunning landscapes I have been: desert of Atacama, Chile, Madeira island, Portugal and Fuerteventura, Spain
  12. The year I turned 18, my first trip alone took me to Paris and France
  13. My first car was a red 2CV, I loved it, had to sell it to France because it didn’t go through Swiss technical check
  14. My favourite music: Reggae, Blues, French songs, African music, traditional music from most countries, modern rock music and everything that makes dance and good mood
  15. I was running a restaurant called Baton Rouge with Jazz & Blues events on weekends
  16. My first certified job title is Hotelkaufmann (Swiss hotel and tourism school): Travelling and receiving guests, always has been a lived dream.
  17. Another certification to be free to travel: I am translator French and German and still practising 🙂
  18. And of course teaching English as a foreign language, which took to me to a public school in Kathmandu (hope to see you again, friends there)
  19. Selling Christmas Trees in Kreuzlingen! No certification was needed, just good mood and the courage to spend the day in snow.
  20. 3 things I would take on an island: paper, pen and coffee
  21. The best ice cream I had in recent years (well, last week): chocolate and ginger (2 separate scoops)
  22. Coffee is part of my day, also of the evening and I still sleep like a baby
  23. When I took early morning flights from Bangkok, I used to sleep on the floor to be sure to get up on time (I try to avoid early morning flights – or take a room next to the airport 🙂
  24. I was shooter with the Swiss army gun when I was 16
  25. In this same period I played trumpet
  26. Full flavour and full fat dairy products are my favourites: goat yoghurts, blue cheese, old Gruyère, Saint Marcelin (the one that smells like old socks)…
  27. With a friend I co-organised the 1st international Yoga Festival on Madeira island, Portugal, in 2019. Stay tuned for the next edition, when we all can freely travel again…
  28. Lapas was the only living being I was allowed to eat during my Yoga Teacher Training on Madeira (they’re on the photo). My teacher told me: “you eat nothing which can run or fly or swim away from you”. These poor ‘lapas’ are stuck to the rocks…
  29. I hated my very first yoga class: It was on Koh Chang, Thailand, with Franziska we wanted to discover yoga on New Year in a private class. We had 1 hour Pranayama: breathing exercises.
  30. Several years later, in my gym, there was no collective class available on that evening other than yoga. So I tried again. The class ended with head and hands on floor, knees on top of elbows: Inversion pose, it was exhilarating and very soon I signed up for regular yoga classes.



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