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Strong menstrual pain or unfulfilled desire to have children? Take control of your body with hormone yoga!

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Are you suffering from…

  • PMS, menstrual pain
  • Irregular cycle
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Unfulfilled desire to have a child

Would you like to…

  • Relieve the period pain
  • Stimulate your ovaries to produce hormones
  • Balance oestrogen and progesterone
  • Feel relaxation
  • In short: Prepare yourself in the best possible way to get pregnant?

You want to avoid hormones and other pills, and balance your hormones naturally.

How can you bring the hormones into balance?


Hormone yoga is a therapy that consists of postures, movements and breathing exercises that specifically activate your organs and glands to produce oestrogen and progesterone.

Dinah Rodrigues, yoga teacher and Dr. of Phsycholog from Brazil developed this technique. She further endorsed the effectivity with studies made in collaboration with the university of Sao Paolo.

It all comes from your ovaries…

The ovaries are the factory of your feminine hormones, estrogen and progesterone. Hormone yoga stimulates the ovaries themselves to produce hormones, but also activates other glands (thyroid, pituitary) to stimulate hormone production in the ovaries.

…and also from your mind

Your stress-level also impacts the production of hormones. We know, many babies are conceived while on holiday ☀️

We bring sun and beach into the yoga classes and end the classes with visualisations and creative anti-stress exercises. You come to rest and relax your body and mind.


Also for a happy menopause

I sweated when I needed it least, woke up every night, the change time in its most beautiful bloom 🌺

I had tried tablets and stopped after 3 months. I have switched to a different diet. None of this really solved the problem. Then I found what really changed my life. I would like to share that with you. I have been practising hormone yoga 3 times a week for 30 minutes for 3 years. Sometimes I lead the classes, other times I let myself be guided, because I know it keeps my vitality, balances body and mind.


We are here to motivate you

You will receive regular motivational emails to encourage you to practice yoga. They not only give you clear instructions for practice, but also show the positive effects of the different positions. They also contain useful tips for your well-being and convey the joy of exercise.

You will be part of a small, dedicated community where you will meet like-minded people in a trusting, safe and happy atmosphere.

This is part of it

30 minutes 3 times a week.

You should aim to exercise 3 to 4 times a week to boost hormone production and significantly relieve your symptoms.

The more you practice, the more results you will get. In any case, results will surely follow.

If you are interested in hormone yoga but you have never tried yoga before, this is no obstacle. It is also very suitable for beginners and an experienced yoga leader will adapt the exercises to your individual situation and physical abilities.


Step 1 Hormone Yoga

Personal guidance

We meet in a private session to ensure you are best prepared for your individual practice.

  • Aligning your posture in the poses (asanas)
  • Learning breathing exercises (Pranayama)
  • Consciously applying the core strength (bandhas)
  • Adapt hormone yoga poses to your needs

You get

  • a booklet with the hormone yoga postures
  • a questionnaire for your personal assessment

Group course

We meet for 30 minutes on 3 days of the week

Mondays and Wednesdays
8.00 – 8.30 am
7.00 – 7.30 pm CET

8.00 – 8.30 am CET

The lessons are guided slowly, step by step.

You will receive emails to motivate you to practise in the group and on your own.

At the beginning: Fill in the questionnaire
At the end: You get a form for self-assessment



    You can join at any time.


    EUR 80 in the first Month

    • Live practice 30 minutes on 3 weekdays
    • 1 private lesson

    EUR 55 / month for the following months

    • Live practice 30 minutes on 3 weekdays

    If you miss a class, you can find the recordings/videos on a private platform.

    The evening before the classes you will receive a nice email to motivate you.

    Payable by credit card, bank transfer or Paypal
    The month starts with the day the first scheduled class takes place.


    We meet on a private platform run by Mighty Networks to keep the practice confidential and still have a sense of community. It’s like a yoga studio without windows, outsiders can’t see who’s inside, and we’re away from social media.



    I know the programme can help you. However, if you decide after a week or two that it’s not for you and you want to stop, you’ll get a full refund.

    When not to practice hormone yoga?

    You should not practise hormone yoga if you do not want to increase your oestrogen levels, e.g. if you have (or have had) breast cancer or severe endometriosis. Talk to your doctor and explain that hormone yoga therapy involves intense abdominal movements and usually increases oestrogen levels. If you have hyperthyroidism or high blood pressure, please let us know and we will give you instructions on how to modify some exercises.

    What to expect

    Do your assessment

    The first step is to assess your trigger points: Which symptoms do you want to change? You will receive a questionnaire about your physical situation, which you can fill in and share with us if you like.

    You direct your attention to your body and can consciously follow your progress.

    Hormone Yoga Pose

    Private session

    We go through your questionnaire together, look at your personal limits.

    You will learn the different breathing methods (Ujjai, bellows), core muscles (Mula Bandha), poses as well as your personal modifications.

    Group classes

    The 30-minute courses are held live on Zoom:

    Mondays and Wednesdays
    8.00 – 8.30 am CET
    7.00 – 7.30 pm CET

    8.00 – 8.30 am CET

    The lessons are streamed live on a private platform. Only subscribers have access. You can attend live or stream the course later.

    For best results, practice 3 to 4 times a week. There is a basic sequence that you practise alone and after a while you know it by heart – or rather, your body knows it by heart. You will feel new energy and your symptoms will be relieved.

    Live in the action!

    In this video you get a little insight into our live classes that take place via Zoom. What you don’t see here is the breathing technique that warms the abdomen and ovaries. It accompanies most poses to activate the glands even more.

    At the beginning you will take part in a private class where the different poses and breathing techniques will be explained to you. Depending on your individual physical condition, you will get tips on how to adapt certain poses so that it is still fun and effective.

    Make the first step

    Get guided and stay motivated to regularly balance your hormones!

    Questions & Answers

    Who is this programme for?
    • Women suffering from irregular periods or infertility
    • Women in peri- or postmenopause or in the period in between
    • Women who would like to balance their hormones
    Who should not take part in this programme?
    • If your oestrogen levels should not be increased, e.g. in case of breast cancer or severe endometriosis. Talk to your doctor and explain that hormone yoga involves intense abdominal movements and usually increases oestrogen levels.
    • If you have hyperthyroidism or high blood pressure, let us know and we will show you modifications for certain exercises.
    • Do not practise during your period
    I have never done yoga before

    You should definitely participate because you will benefit the most. You will be guided through the poses step by step and your glands and organs will love the new treatment.

    I already practice yoga
    • If you practice once a week or less, you can definitely incorporate hormone yoga. A weekly one-off yoga class is not enough to sustainably strengthen the organism.
    • If you practice 3 times a week or more, you will feel the difference. However, if you find after 2 weeks that it’s not for you and you want to stop, we will refund you in full, no questions asked. Just write us an email to info@yoga40plus.com
    I am overweight, can I participate in the programme?

    Yes! Your belly will sometimes bother you, you have to squeeze around it or into it. You might even break a sweat. As long as you are willing to accept this 3 times a week, you can participate.

    What material do I need to do the programme?
    • Comfortable clothing
    • A yoga mat or a non-slip soft surface
    • A cushion
    • A laptop or tablet with internet connection (the mobile phone may be too small to see the poses clearly).
    Is this programme also open to men?

    This programme is currently for women only, sorry guys.

    Will I miss the course if I cannot attend the live session?

    You can play the videos on the private platform at any time. However, try to attend the live sessions. The probability that you will do it and that you will do it right is much higher if you join the teacher and the group.

    I don't want to appear in the group.

    We can understand if you want to maintain your privacy during the practice. One way is to be there live via zoom, say hello and then turn off the camera. Or simply point the camera at the ceiling (many ladies do this in the first few weeks 😊). Or you can stream live on the private platform (there you have no interaction).

    Does this programme guarantee to increase my hormone levels and reduce symptoms?

    No, the programme does not. Your investment does. If you practice the exercises we show you for at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes, your hormone levels will definitely balance out to some extent. Some weeks you have less time or energy, other weeks more. This will all have an impact on the results.

    Make the first step

    Get guided and stay motivated to regularly balance your hormones!

    Hi, my name is Miliza.

    I started yoga ten years ago. Long working days in an office and back pain were my daily companion. Yoga helped me to find flexibility and new energy.

    I left the business world seven years ago. In search of happy people around me, I ended up on the island of Madeira, Portugal, where I completed the Yoga Alliance RRYS200 training in Integral Yoga.

    Our mind and emotions follow our body

    In addition, I am now certified in Svastha Yoga Therapy for the back and shoulders, as well as Hormone Yoga Therapy by Dinah Rodrigues.
    My life goes on in Switzerland, Germany and other sunny places. With hormone yoga I accompany women on their way to pregnancy, to balance their hormones and also to get through the menopause happily. The courses are dynamically paced and conclude with sometimes surprising, sometimes fabulous anti-stress exercises.

    What participants say

    Hot flushes disappeared

    My hot flushes have completely disappeared after a few months of hormone yoga and I also sleep better.

    I feel amazingly fired up and refreshed at the same time after the morning hormonelesson with you! And that, although I never used to be a morning exercise person. I love your Hormone Yoga – in a snappy and compact time frame, which can be well integrated into the morning routine with subsequent professional start of work and other diverse family and household tasks, thus creating a soothing island for the mind and body.
    Thanks for this!

    Angelika, Germany

    Proud of the things my body still can do

    “After the yoga class I feel relieved, proud of the things my body still can do, which many of the younger people can’t do. I could be doing yoga by myself, just listening to a tape. But knowing that there are other women, it creates a collective feeling of community. .

    A few weeks ago, I had sciatica, and if it wasn’t for the yoga, I don’t know what I would have done. Miliza adapted the program to my needs and it allowed me to extend the muscles and to find relief. Yoga also becomes a spiritual journey with reflection and meditation. Yoga also becomes a spiritual journey with reflection and meditation”.

    Martha, Netherlands

    Thought would be too difficult for me

    “I enjoyed, among other things, especially how you made the shifts from one asana to another in a very “natural” way. I enjoyed the course all together a lot. This seems the gentle way to come back to yoga, which I already thought would be too difficult to me.”

    Tanja, Finland

    Not boring and still can follow

    Hi Miliza, ok for me, nice, I liked the yoga session from yesterday, so that is ok for me, but in fact I like them all, they are challenging and I love it.

    I followed other session and sometimes they were boring but your sessions are not, so thanks for that and see you tomorrow,

    Kind Regards and have a nice day,
    Greet, Belgium

    Resumption of yoga practise

    Participating in this proposal Yoga for your Back, was a significant decision for me. Miliza took an excellent approach to my resumption of yoga practice. She chose the movements very well and had an excellent pace for online practices, making it possible to understand and follow 100% of the class. During the course, we remained focused on breathing all the time, guided by Miliza, which made the movements more effective and kept us in the here and now.

    As a result, I felt more ready for the day and reduced back pain; I was feeling mainly in the neck area. The most important thing is that I feel like continuing to practice and take care of my body and soul. Thank you Miliza, you gave me a gift.

    Kelly, Luxembourg

    First time yoga, love it!

    “The online live classes gave me time for myself (even my baby respected these moments), improved my well-being in terms of flexibility and a lot of relaxation for the all body, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Being my first time to do yoga, it was a great experience and loved itl”.

    Annet, Finland

    Strengthened body, energized spirit and happy mind!

    The course has given a combination of energy, fun, relief, exercise, company, both physical and mental strength in these times of Corona confinement, but is suitable for everyday practice all the year round. Thanks a lot Miliza!

    The asanas bring the tensed muscles both strength and relief. The breathing exercises open up the chest so the oxygen flows in the whole body. The relaxed atmosphere helps to be able to let go of the everyday stress surrounding us. It made me each morning to wake up and already be waiting for the yoga, like a child waits for Santa :).

    Mia, France

    Connection to others via live Zoom!

    “I could schedule in the course every day as the duration is just about 30 minutes. It created a kind of routine within my day which is good in special times like these we are facing at the moment.

    I like to be connected with others via the live option of zoom – that gives the yoga session a special touch. II’m not such a fan of recorded sessions, so for me that is so much more interesting and I appreciated the friendly guidance from Miliza”.

    Carmen, Austria