Spring Breakout

Sunshine on your skin, endless sand beaches designed by a volcano landscape – seems to be several dreams away these days.

In reality, travel to Canary Islands is much closer, tangible, once you readjust your priorities. Also, travel has never been relaxing like these days, when you feel like a discoverer on what would have been called tourist attractions in past years.

“You’re lucky!”

That’s what I often hear. Living on the sunny side of life. Winter on Fuerteventura, blue sky over volcano skylines, surfing on the waves or diving in the Atlantic Ocean.

It is not luck, it is a choice of life. I renounce on a cosy home made of ‘my’ stuff and souvenirs, I am at least a flight away from my time-proof friends and family, to be open for new horizons in warm climates all year round.

Roadblocks add up complications like the current travel restrictions and mind blocks like ‘can I easily get back home in case of need?’

Nothing blocks

Travel to Canary Islands doesn’t require more than a negative PCR test, as I wrote in January, and it’s still valid (Feb. 2021).

From there you can move around anywhere on the island, wearing a mask in inhabited areas, having dinner in a restaurant and drinks in bars till 10pm. You walk on beaches meeting only little or no people, traffic is quiet, and you can get a discoverer feeling at famous sightseeing points.

Arriving back home might be more complicated, depending on the country, but still, nothing makes the trip impossible! It might just require to re-evaluate and shift your priorities.


When I watch the news, I feel sad for all who are trapped in this stream of blocking news. Covid19 restrictions, lockdown, stop of activities.

Nobody tells you to take an escape, that there are direct flights from most European countries to the Canaries, at affordable prices, – and that there’s no danger at all coming here. On the contrary: All arriving persons are tested before departure, for months already, the virus has little chance to board. Around 10 active Covid-cases are currently registered on the island of Fuerteventura (120’000 inhabitants).

Well, I tell you now 😊. If you need more information or view ‘from the inside’, drop me an e-mail. 

All pictures in this article and also the ones about simplicity and self-love are taken at the resort Artis Tirma on Fuerteventura. Early April 2021 I’m conducting a Yoga-Holiday here, contact me for more information. Also, don’t hesitate to come back to me for a private stay at your own dates, might you travel together with someone or alone.

At the end: Yes!

I’m lucky to watch the cactus blooming. And Sunday evening looking forward to Monday morning with the week’s first online yoga session where I meet ‘my ladies’.

I’m lucky because I love my life, just like it is. Of course, if a fairy appeared with a magic wand, I would have a couple of wishes… One of them being that I can welcome you during your escape! And that this nightmare blocking us in our movements comes to an end.

Before life goes back to normal, take a breakout and enjoy this best time ever for travel to Canary Islands.


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