12 Pictures of 12th August 2021 in Dresden

12 photos on 12th of August, taken on my way to the yoga studio and back home.


Golden Yoga is the name of the studio where I teach this week. It is located in the pedestrian Hauptstraße leading in a straight line to the city centre. The yoga classes take place in the studio, and also online.

Trogir Croatia

Biking along river Elbe

There are literally hundreds of kilometres of biking lanes along the river Elbe, leading through the most beautiful and relaxing landscapes.

This old train station found a new life as a music school.

Trogir Croatia
Fassade Dresden Gueterbahnhof Musikschule

Biking through the city

Biking on the walkways is not an issue at all. I love it. Would not be possible to imagine in Switzerland :).


It is somewhat of a diva among the streets of the popular neighbourhood Neustadt. It has been successfully resisting renovation for years. The cobblestones take your back for decades, make you shiver and shake, might you be cyclists or car driver.

Fassade Buchers Best Dresden

Dresden by Night

Lights at the end of the evening yoga class.

Der Goldene Reiter – The Golden Rider

Fountain Albertplatz

A fountain on my way. They are a pair, left and right of the tram. Or it’s rather the tram line which was placed in between the two fountains 200 years later.

What’s next?

Crossing the river Elbe and heading to the historical city centre. Dresden is one of Europe’s greatest Baroque cities and abounds in art and culture. Palaces, impressive churches and museums are nearly seamlessly bordered by the modern avenues with shopping malls and entertainment venues.

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